09 May, 2012

Spring Flowers on Temple Square

I love all the flowering trees in spring.  They are a welcome sight after the cold days of winter.  It has been such a pleasant spring this year.  I have really enjoyed the warm, sunny weather.  A few times I brought my camera out and took some photos of the beautiful flowers and blossoms on the trees.  I thought I would share some on here.

29 March, 2012

City Creek Center has H&M!!!!!

Downtown Salt Lake just got way better last week (in my book). I LOVE that there is an H&M right downtown!!!

The new City Creek Center is so nice. It really is so exciting that City Creek is open, after all the years of construction. What an awesome addition it is to the downtown of Salt Lake.

This was on Friday last week, the day after City Creek's Grand Opening. There were so many people walking around the new mall.

22 March, 2012

Red Butte Garden in March

A few days ago D and I visited Red Butte Garden. It was such a pretty place, even in March, when not much was blooming. I liked all the quiet little benches that were spread throughout the gardens.

We followed the path that wound around through each part of the garden. The gardens are each unique spaces, one garden had a lovely wooden pavilion that went out over a fish pond, another was a garden full of medicinal plants, one area of the garden had a series of arched pear arbors, there was even a really fun children's garden.

We also checked out the Orangerie, an indoor garden space that is often rented out for parties and wedding receptions. It was a beautiful space, it was refreshing to see bright, green plants in the wintertime. I definitely want to visit the gardens again later on in the year, when everything is blooming outside.

There were a couple of these picnic areas, set on decks that were built out over a hillside, they had a tree-house feel to them, because the decks were nestled between the treetops. Such a cool place to enjoy a picnic.

Below are a couple of pictures from the Orangerie. I especially liked the orange tree!

20 March, 2012

Backyard Wedding - Assistant Photographer

Last fall I had the opportunity to assist Stacy of Three Winks Studio at a lovely backyard wedding. I love getting to work with Stacy, she is always so gracious and willing to offer great advice.

This wedding took place just as the autumn leaves were starting to change colors, in the backyard of a private home. I loved the pretty autumn colors Carrie and Ryan (the bride and groom) chose for their color scheme. The flowers were just gorgeous. They had delicately carved pumpkins and candlelit lanterns as part of their decor. And the chocolate cake fit in with the wedding colors perfectly, not to mention it looked delicious!

As an assistant photographer, I was in charge of taking mainly detail shots of the wedding decor and candids at the ceremony and reception. Here are a few of the pictures I took:

These dolls were so cute! Carrie's sister hand made them to look like Carrie and Ryan. (The bride doll is even a little bit taller than the groom doll.)

A little action shot of Stacy and the videographer taking the formal family pictures.

And a "silly face" shot.

Carrie and Ryan went to Jamaica on their honeymoon, so they exited the reception wearing Jamaican style hats complete with attached dreadlocks. How fun!